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Split rail

Split Rail Cedar Fence

  • Split Rail can add an artistic flair to your yard or perimeter… It’s a pretty way of saying “please don’t step over this line.”
  • Design can vary. Ie. single-post vs double-post. Staggered, variable height, double rail. etc.
  • Construction: There are different ways to join split rails fences. Find a style you like online or browse the styles below in the split rail gallery on this website.

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Embellished Cedar Fencing

There’s an infinite amount of ways to design a fence. If you have a picture of what you would like your fence to look like, draw it out and we can build to suit. Or, just send us something you saw on Pinterest and we’ll discuss the details needed to make it work.

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Pre-Assembled Panels

  • Pre-assembled panels are by far the most economical to get privacy in your backyard. (Albiet quality can vary.)
  • Panels range in price between $100-$180 per panel based depending on material style and height.
  • Dimensions: Typically 6-ft high and 8-ft wide.
  • NOTE: Trueline Fencing does not make pre-assembled panels. You can shop around around at Shar•Kare, Home Hardware, and Home Depot for your preferred price and style.

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